Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another card to share and some challenges, too

Hi everyone. Today was the first day not teaching summer school in awhile. I was able to sleep in a bit and my little Mimi let me. How nice of her :) I didn't get up until a little after 7. It is amazing, when you become a parent, what sleeping late is compared to when you don't have children. This afternoon I made another card ~ it was way too hot to spend much time outside and I love making cards (even when they become frustrating).

It is based on the Cardabilities #57 Sketch shown below.

I am also entering it into the {ippity} bright color challenge and the Unity summer time challenge.

I used the balloons from the May Unity kit of the month, summer from the June 2010 KOM (I think), and hello... from the {ippity} set How you doin'?, and Gurnsey Ginham (also from {ippity}). The paper is Lime Rickey by Basic Grey ~ oh how I love these colors!!!

A couple of other cards I made recently also using Unity stamps: (you can read more about them if you scroll down)

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Play Date Cafe Challenge #137 A Splash of Blue

Here is my second entry for the Play Date Cafe's Challenge #137 which follows this photo story.

I had a lot of fun with these colors despite my troubles earlier today :) I actually made this sympathy card first. I still love the tearing paper, masking card, and inking up just that part of the card look. It is so striking to me. I changed it up a bit by adding some more tearing and distressing. I love butterflies and this card was a lot of fun to make. And if you are wondering....I still have to work on my craft room. :) Have a great day!! Can't wait to see the next challenge at Play Date Cafe!

I had to leave my craft room.....

This little card I am showing to you here should have been very, very simple.

It was not.

I even found all of my BigKick parts that I have been missing for a while. My craft room is a disaster and I spend more time looking for stuff sometimes than crafting. I made a card that was very similar to this last week at our scrapbook store here in town. They have make n take card days once a month. I really liked the clean, simple look to it. Well, I ended up making the front of this card twice ~ I think there is something wrong with my paper trimmer and when I had everything finished, embellished, in place exactly where I wanted it and I taped the front down, I noticed it was noticeably crooked. I tried to cut the top again, but this does not work well when you already have adhesive on the back. Needless to say, it ripped and I started all over. I like how it turned out, finally, but I had to take a break from making anything as I am just too disgusted with how long this took. Oh well. Maybe after I pick up the kids I will venture back in there to ummm organize....yeah that is the word :) Have a great day!!

This card was made for the Play Date Cafe Challenge #137. Here is the photo story.
I'll be back in a bit for another entry.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Play Date Cafe Challenge #136

Good evening, all! Today was my first day teaching summer school for a friend of mine. We are both Spanish teachers and she had to be gone for part of this session, so I said I would cover her classes. WOW!!! That is all I can really say. I understand completely and wholeheartedly stand by my choice to be a hig h school teacher versus elementary school teacher! Kudos and more kudos to those of you who work with those young people everyday. It takes so much patience and so much energy. Tomorrow I will go in with a better plan - I need it. Boy, am I tired. :) I am so glad that I was not too tired to finish and share this card with you.

I had some other things planned for it originally, but I love how it turned out. If you've seen my cards before you've probably noticed that I like to rip paper and I like to distress edges. I was so tempted to do that with this card, but decided to leave it clean with only the heart. I really like how the heart turned out, too. I used a stamp from Unity's June kit of the month ~ the one with all of the hexagons ~ I stamped it on different papers and cut the hexagons apart to create my heart. My color choices were guided by the Play Date Cafe's challenge. This was the photo story it is based on.

I am not sure I have ever played a challenge from The Play Date Cafe before, but I have looked around there and have wanted to. I am glad that I was able to finish this card before the deadline. There will be a new photo story and new colors posted very early Thursday morning. I plan to play again and I hope you will, too. Have a great day tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello again! It's been awhile.....

The end of the school year is always so, so busy and crafting has to take a backseat sometimes. Other things have been keeping me busy, too such as politics (ick!) and my son trying out for the Cheesedays Prince and preparing for his interviews, and cleaning up my classroom, and grading umpteen thousand exams. Anyway, all of that has passed by and I have a few days break before i teach summer school for a little while. School has ended, so I thought I'd have more time to craft and believe me I have tried. Felt like I was in a crafty funk for awhile. Thanks to some challenges, some ideas from friends in the unity chat this morning, and the realization that I craft better late at night when everyone else is in bed and the neighborhood is quiet, I did make a couple of cards today. The first one is for my dad for father's day. he loves hot air balloons so I had to add it to his card. Very fitting since this weekend is our balloon rally and we will probably see several of them in the sky this weekend. This card is my entry for the Unity June Kit of the Month sketch challenge, and the {ippity} challenge(to use red, too. Here is the sketch my card is based from. You still have 16 days to participate in the sketch challenge and 4 days to participate in the {ippity} challenge.

The next card has a funny story to it. (Although it was not funny at the time.) Both my husband and I have cell phones as many people do. My husband and son were gone for the weekend to a band competition and my son was going to be alone for some of the time that my husband was competing. He would be nearby, watching, and is very responsible, but my husband would not be right there with him. Because of this, he had my cell phone to use in case the two got separated or he needed to call someone. This left me without a cell phone and with a home phone that was not working correctly. As I am looking around the house for another phone to plug in because our digital cordless phone was once again being a pain in the butt, I decide that I will have to wait until the morning to go buy a new phone. I did not know my husband was trying to get a hold of me, and I did not know that my phone was busy, and then dead to him. He was imagining the worst. So, it is late at night, I'm in my pajamas and the doorbell rings. Friend of the family are at my door checking to see if I am ok and handing me their cell phone to call my husband and parents to tell them all I am fine. I talk to my husband finally explain to everyone that the phone is not working and all is well (especially since the police that my husband called to check on me were called back and told that I was fine ~ so they did not show up on my doorstep, too.) These great friends of the family left their cell phone with me so that I could be reached until I bought a new phone. I now have a new cordless phone, but also have a regular "old school" phone so that I will always have a phone plugged in and functioning. This is a thank you card I made to send to our family friends for checking on me that night and for letting me borrow their phone overnight. :) If you read this far, thanks. Happy Friday everyone. We are off to Legofest in Milwaukee. Have a great FWF hop and a GREAT weekend ~ you can see great creations here. You can participate, too. Link up your Unity creations!!