Friday, April 27, 2012

A couple of things to share

Happy Friday to all of you! Feliz viernes! Today I have a couple of projects to share. If you've been reading along in the past few weeks, you probably know that my Amelia just turned 2 years old Monday. Over the weekend we had a Dora the Explorer party with a taco bar and yummy ice cream cake. We had a really nice day and Amelia was so happy that she had a life size Wada(Dora)balloon :) I have been waiting to finish this stage of my project until after she had her birthday so that I could fill the last frame. I got the idea for the I am # frames while on a trip to the Amana Colonies with my mom. We were visiting a friend in Cedar Rapids and took a few hours to "stuff store" shop in nearby Amana. At a bookstore, there they were - the cutest frames saying I am 1. I am 2 etc. It gave me the idea to do my own in my style. So here is Amelia's first set of birth, 1, 2 and I hope to continue for many years. I have also started Elijah's, but have a long way to go - 3 sets+1 as he will be 9 in July. I used many images and sentiments from many different Unity kits. I tried to pick one that really show how Amelia is and what she loves. The sandals in the last picture are perfect as she absolutely LOVES shoes. She has more pairs than I do and we have been asking for shoes as presents for her moreso than toys. She received tennis shoes, sandals, and some cute pink cowboy(girl) boots for her birthday.

Sorry the pictures aren't great - flash washed out some of the pic, no flash and it is blurry. hmmmm.

My second project is a Secretary Survival kit and includes the following items (I have included the sayings I put with them):
A pacifier for your "whiners". A spoon for those you have to "spoon feed". A magic wand for the miracles you're expected to perform. Tissues for your "cry babies". A Jack because you have to be a "jack" of all trades. Coffee - Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine! Crackers - For the next time you don't get to take a lunch. Paper clip - To help you hold things together at the office. Payday - Need I say more?? Marbles - To replace the ones you lost on the job. Pen - an emergency spare since everyone is always taking yours. Band-Aid: For when things get a little rough. Bath Salts- "To take you away." You deserve a quiet break. Crayon - to color your day bright and cheerful. Ear Plugs - when you just can't take anymore. Lifesavers - For when you've had one of those days. Puzzle Piece - without you the school wouldn't be complete. Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible. Sponge - To soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full. Mint - Remind yourself you are worth a "mint" even if you aren't told so very often.
The puzzle pieces are actually stamped cardstock using Unity's kit love you to pieces

I was looking for an idea of a projects I could create for my wonderful secretaries at school for Administrative Assistant/Secretaries Week (or whatever you want to call it.) and as I searched found a site with many different kinds of survival kits and witty sayings for each item. I used most of the ones from their Secretary Survival kit and added some from the Teacher Survival kit as we work in a school.
I have the best ladies who work at my school - my high school. They have to deal with a lot of drama and whining. Sue helps me out with announcements, last minute subs when I have to leave to be with a sick child, and copy machine breakdowns. Erin deals with grading, attendance, and calls kids to tht office when I need to get messages to them. Denise is my super money lady and deals with all of my deposits and writes all of the checks I need for my clubs. Without these ladies, the school would definitely not run as smoothly as it does and MY life as a teacher would be much more difficult. I appreciate everything they do for me and wanted to make sure they know it by giving them something creative and thoughtful. I hope they enjoy them and get a little chuckle, too.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See other great projects at the Unity blog. See Unity for great 4th birthday sales, too! Remember my pocket full of thanks card from last week? You can get the KOM with the pocket during this sale!! Here it is: a pocket full of...(KOM 7/09).

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A pocket full of THANKS!

I absolutely love this pocket stamp! I was not a kit of the month member yet when this one came out, but it was one of the kits I HAD to have. I believe it is retired now. It came with "a pocket full of" stamp and some words that could come after it like "posies". I decided to use it as an open pocket to put things in and the word Thanks. I love how they turned out and I plan to make more in a variety of colors. I especially love the one that I added gracias to. In case you didn't know, when I'm not scrapping, cardmaking, or taking care of my kids (actually I should say the majority of my time) I'm speaking Spanish and sharing my love for the language with high schoolers.

It is an interesting job and no two days are the same. One can be really prepared, but not prepared enough for what might come up. I love it - it is spontaneous, fun, interesting, and cultural. Unfortunately, I do have to live with some drama and I am so not into drama!!! :) The seniors have a countdown going on my back board - 28 more days for them. We have so much Spanish to learn in that time.

Back to my cards, I have a pocket full of things to be thankful for: my family, my friends, my very interesting career, my home and resources, my students, Spring, being able to spend some time crafting, and so many other things! What are you thankful for?

Have a great weekend all. I will be celebrating my Mimi's 2nd birthday with a Dora the Explorer party. (She loves Wada - her word for Dora - and she hasn't even seen the show :) See more Unity beauties here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Together is a wonderful place ~ Unity KOM Challenge April 2012

Well, I have two cards to show you. The first card (above) was done for the Unity KOM April challenge. All was good, until I realized I hadn't used a Kit of the Month stamp (I had used Bella Doilies). Oh well! :) I finished it and made another one to actually enter into the challenge using KOM To the Moon and Back (1/11) and the sentiment from Just Be You(12/10).

You can see more great creations for this challenge here.

Have a great week!

Less is More and Change is Good :)

This is my first card made for a Less is More challenge. It is interesting how you find things by looking at the work of others and click through their links. I have to thank Jingle for leading me to Less is More. I really wanted to participate in the last challenge of 3shades of green, but by the time I found the challenge I had 3 hours and a green (sick) boy on my hands. That would have been fun - I LOVE (the color) GREEN!!! :) Maybe I will do the challenge for myself in the coming days. I was able to come up with a card for this challenge though - One layer, and doodling. The underwear stamp comes plain - no hearts or letters :) You can make any kind of underwear you wish. I have been wanting to use my this stamp from Unity Stamp Company and finally had an idea and the chance!! Have a great week!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I have a confession to make.....

It is Friday the 13th of April and I am not only addicted to Unity Stamps and the Unity Stamp Company (I mean, come on A GREAT product, a great owner, GREAT customer service, and great SALES), but I am also becoming addicted to using my Unity stamps with my new ScratchMagic notes. Wow, this sounds like a commercial. It's not! I just love these two products together. I am having so much fun with them.

Today, I am sharing with you my newest project sharing the two. I recently found out that our new Spanish teacher, my mentee, is pregnant with her second child. I love babies and am SOOO excited for her. As someone who tried for many many many years to conceive my second (and last) baby, I think I get more and more excited every time I hear that someone's dream of a baby has come true. I just remember how very excited and emotional I was when it finally happened for us. So, I made her this card using the Bella Blvd. itty bitty "So happy for you" and gave it to her today.

Thanks for stopping by! See more great projects at the Unity blog. Have a great Friday the 13th and an even better weekend. I will be cleaning my butt off for my baby's 2nd birthday party on the 21st. I can't believe she is 10 days away from turning 2. We have come a long way since 2006!

Friday, April 6, 2012

ScratchMagic notes and a bunny for FWF

Do you remember when we were little in art class and did scratch projects? I was at a "stuff store" (as my husband calls it)the other day and saw so many really cool things. One of those things was a dispenser of ScratchMagic notes. They are about 3 x 3 pieces of black covered paper. When I got home, I decided to use them with my Unity stamps. The first one I made was with a bunny stamp I received in my grab bag from the FWF comment a few weeks ago. I was really excited when I saw it because I don't have many stamps which can be used for Easter. I made this bunny scratch note into a card. I foresee many possible projects with this new discovery. If anyone knows which kit the bunny is from, please let me know :) I'm also using this card as my Unity Challenge of the Month card. See all of the entries here.

Here are some other quick scratchings I have done in the past couple of days.

See some other wonderful projects at the Unity blog. Have a GREAT weekend and a HAPPY Easter!